In-company training and distance learning programs


Capable People is a registered training organisation with both the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). We provide specific, commercially aware and intelligent solutions. Our mission is to work with customers who want that. Not everybody does. We are not for everyone and for that we make no apology. All we will say is that if you decide that you do want to work with Capable People, you are in some very good company.

We’re happy to deliver customised on-site training virtually anywhere in the world if it means we are working with people who want to work with us.  That means we’re happy to come to you and work on your chosen site at a time of your choice.  Contact us, tell us what you’d like. We’ll listen, and we’ll try to get as close to that as we possibly can. Sometimes we can do more.


Special education projects for overseas corporate clients


Capable People has developed programs that offer corporate clients based overseas access to UK University qualifications and MBAs. These programs are for corporate clients and by invitation only. You will not find any more details on this website, but you may contact us for an e-brochure. The nature of this product means it can only be designed client by client.

Capable People is approved as a training provider with: