International Cuisine


International Cuisine specialises in the supply of chilled ready meals to a range of UK supermarkets. Major customers like Asda and the Co-operative have very exacting requirements and have very little tolerance of any supplier that causes them a problem. It is important, therefore, that International Cuisine can give them confidence that they are on top of all of their quality and health and safety challenges.


Capable People has worked with International Cuisine for over 3 years, and in that time we have delivered many in house training events for a broad range of their staff. This has included a range of health & safety awareness briefings for all supervisors, during which we had to make sure that managers were fully aware of all of their moral and legal obligations. These sessions were custom built just for International Cuisine. We used site photographs to help staff understand the challenges and bring them close to home, and we also integrated case studies that detailed what can happen to managers when things go badly wrong (which fortunately, at International Cuisine, they never do).

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